What is Water Mitigation?

What is Water Mitigation?

Knowing how to prevent water damage from destroying your home will not only save you money but also save your belongings from destruction. But even if you are prepared, there will always be a possibility that water damage can still affect your home or your business. 

Plumbing and piping systems can wear out, appliances such as HVAC’s can cause moisture to build-up, and roofing can have hidden defects. Once the damage has taken place, immediate water mitigation will be necessary. 


Water Mitigation 

It is the process of minimizing water damage to property and possessions. It is advisable to immediately call Gold Choice Restoration at (214) 989-7132, and we will quickly respond to evaluate the source of water and instantly fix the cause to prevent further damage. 

Our 24-hour emergency service guarantees you that no matter what time of the day Gold Choice Restoration will always be there to help and save your day! 

There are some things you can do to prevent further damage to your property while you are waiting for our friendly, experience, and trained technicians. It is crucial to consider the time and quick response, any delay can result in further damage, loss of property or even worst your health can be affected, and it can cause unseen damage to the structure. 

  • Diminish the damage and protect your family by following these steps: 
  • In case of broken pipes, it is better to turn the main water off. It will stop the water from rising. 
  • Before turning off the circuit breakers, make sure it is safe. Then unplug and move any electrical devices or appliances that are submerged in the water or on any wet surface. 
  • Remove small metal objects to minimize rust or other stains. Inked papers or fabrics might transfer ink and stain the surface. 
  • Put aluminum foil under the feet of furniture on a wet surface or move the furniture to a drier place to prevent water from seeping through the furniture. 
  • Move paper products, fabrics, potted plants and other objects that can stain the carpet or floor to a drier place. 
  • Move and secure items and objects that are fragile, water and moisture sensitive, and items that are valuable to you. 
  • Do not run any water-based appliances, if the leak was due to a broken pipe it will worsen the damage. 
  • Don’t step on water or any wet surfaces unless you’ve made sure that the current is shut off. Also use protection when stepping into the contaminated water to lessen health risk. 


How to Prevent Water Damage? 

You’ll never know when water damage will occur, it happens when you least expect it. Here are some ways to prevent water damage or further destruction: 

  • Clean your gutters and downspouts at least twice a year to avoid blockage and ice dams, standing water and unmanaged overflow may create puddles that could ruin your foundation.  
  • Maintain trees and shrubs, roots can wrap around pipes and break them. 
  • Know the location of your water main and shut it off if you leave for an extended time. 
  • Check your appliances regularly for leaks. 
  • Install water detection devices. 
  • Check your water pressure. If the water pressure is set too high, pipes and hoses may fail under the pressure. 
  • Most importantly, once you detect water leaks. Call Gold Choice Restoration at (214)989-7132 so we can investigate and fix the problem right away. 

There are many ways water damage can occur, it may be caused by groundwater, heavy rain or storms, floods and home water system malfunction. If the damage is not treated promptly, it can cause serious damage and can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. 

Moisture promotes the growth of mold and other organisms. Increasing the risk for serious health problems and unpleasant odors. Mold exposure may aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms, especially in children and people with compromised immune systems. Exposure may also increase the risk for respiratory diseases and other medical problems. Cleaning up immediately can help mitigate the health effects of water damage on everyone in a home or commercial space. 

It may also cause unseen structural damage that weakens your building foundation which may cause further damage and higher cost of repair later. 

There is no doubt that we can help you prevent the loss and the much higher cost of repair. Giving care and importance to your property and belongings. Keeping you and your family’s safety a priority while giving you the excellent service you deserve! Reach out to us, Gold Choice Restoration, once water damage occurs in your home or in your business, contact us at (214) 989-7132 any time of the day. 

We are more than happy to help!