Mold, its effect inside your home and what to do about it.

Mold, its effect inside your home and what to do about it.

What is mold

The term mold is a term for a group of fungi that are common in food or wet materials and produce spores. 

Molds that grow on the damp building materials are adapted to grow on a variety of materials. There are thousands of species of mold that can adapt to different moisture conditions ranging from very wet to just damp. Mold can be detected from its odor.  

How mold grow inside your home 

Moisture is the key origin of mold but it’s not the only cause. It needs a food source to grow like wood, drywall or cotton. Darkness can also trigger mold growth for it cannot grow under ultraviolet light. It can also grow on warm rooms as it cannot live in freezing temperature. If given enough time and right conditions, molds can grow in 24-48 hours. 

  • Humidity: Humidity trigger mold growth, that is why during rainy days you have a high chance of noticing mold growth in your home. Humidity occurs also when your home is not well ventilated or if you use HVAC and humidifier. 

  • Leaking Pipes: Undetected leaks is the worst cause of mold for they can be hidden inside your walls. Mold has spread widely before you could discover. 

  • Roof Leaks: Leak from the roof can be hidden by the ceiling, and like the leaks from pipes mold have already grown before you could notice. 

  • Condensation: Cold surfaces like the concrete floor, especially if there is a carpet over it, can cause mold to grow. 

  • Dampness and Poor ventilation: Steam in the air result into humidity. 

  • Flood: If your home is hit by a flood, it is sure to be wet for a long time. This means there is a very high risk of mold growth inside your home. Dangerous molds often grow after a flood. 


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Effect of Mold Inside Your Home 

You can catch health problems due to mold growth inside your home. From itching eyes, sneezing, coughing to serious allergic reaction or asthma. If you smell something mushy there is a huge chance of mold in your home. It is better to call Gold Choice Restoration right away for inspection and remediation to secure your family from its danger. 


Mold allergies affect the upper respiratory tract and this includes blocked or a runny nose, itchy nose, itchy throat, sneezing, and watery eyes. 

Exposure to mold can also cause irritation to the eyes, nose, skin, lungs, and throat especially if the person is allergic to mold. 

Certain mold species can cause a scarring or serious lung infection that can impact breathing. 

Individuals exposed to mold can have their immune and respiratory system weaken. 

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How to Prevent Mold 

Mold is can grow easily inside your home. It is good to know what to do to prevent or lessen the chance of mold growth. 

  • Keep your bathroom well ventilated, because moisture can be commonly found inside. Installing an exhaust fan help in venting out moisture and steam. 

  • Hang your towels correctly so it can dry faster. 

  • Wipe the shower room after the last person to keep it drier. 

  • Fabric like curtains and upholstery should be washed with chlorine bleach and hot water and dry under the sun. 

  • When cleaning carpets, it is best to vacuum it first. 

  • Always check wooden furniture and keep the polished. 

  • Keep the house ventilated by opening windows allowing air to circulate. 

  • Clean fabrics in your home and keep them dry. 

  • Have your HVAC checked regularly for leaks. 

  • Wash wet clothes immediately and let them dry. 

  • Drain water from your house. 

  • Clean gutters and check for damage. 

  • Add mold inhibitors to the paint if possible before painting your house. 

  • Always check plant pots and make sure they don’t cause water leaks. 

  • Fix plumbing leaks as soon as possible. Contact Gold Choice Restoration at (214)989-7132. 


There are many ways to prevent mold from growing inside your home but it can still find ways to infect your house. That is why Gold Choice Restoration is here to keep you and your family safe from any harm it may cause! We will make sure to deliver you the best solution!