Your floor is one of the most essential parts of your house, having a good and healthy floor gives you comfort in your everyday living. 

Most people nowadays pay more attention to flooring design, from laminate flooring and wood flooring to marble and designer tile flooring. If you’re looking for the best flooring services there is only one flooring company you’d like to call, Gold Choice Restoration! We provide reliable flooring service! 

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The types of flooring play an enormous role in the appearance and aesthetic of your home most especially of your interior design. Good and healthy looking flooring not only makes good aesthetics but also enhances the value of your home. 

Here are some types of flooring that are mostly recommended. Have a scan and know what is best for your home. 

Ceramic Tile Flooring 

Ceramic Tile is a versatile Architectural material that can be installed if you don’t want to about the moist, water, and stains. It is extremely hard that it is so easy to clean and maintain. However, due to its hardness, it will be uncomfortable to stand on it so it is not applicable to places where you will spend most of the time standing. 

Ceramic tile has a protective layer that stops water and moisture to come up or down that makes it resistant to humidity. With these, it is most suitable to be installed in a moist environment such as the bathroom or kitchen. 

Installing Ceramic tile will be a lot of work and hard for some so they mostly hire a flooring company for the job. If you’re looking for the best flooring service just reach out to Gold Choice Restoration hotline (214)989-7132. 

Hardwood Flooring 

If you’re striving for luxury or elegance, hardwood flooring is suitable for you! It gives off a rich and elegant look to your home interior design.  

It can cost you less in a way that it lasts a lifetime. And as it ages it enhances its elegance and poise so you won’t need to worry about the age. It is highly recommended by doctors because of its organic origin and non-electromagnetic nature that makes it the healthiest floor. It attracts less dust and doesn’t attract allergens or mold. It is less prone to damage and it is comfortable and safer for babies to play on it. 

However, it will require polishing every 4-5 years to maintain its shine and elegance. It can be mopped but make sure that the water is not dripping for it can get damaged by water seepage. It is not suitable for rooms that are high in moisture and rooms that are heavy in traffic. 

Installing a hardwood flooring can get tricky because if it doesn’t installed properly there can be gaps where dirt and dust can accumulate and the aesthetic can get messed up. Hiring a flooring company for flooring services is recommended. Hit (214)989-7132 and reach for Gold Choice Restoration for help. 

Laminate Flooring 

Laminate flooring may not be considered as one of the classiest floorings but it can cost you less in terms of material and labor for it is cheap and can be installed easily. And it produces good aesthetics as it can look like wood, stone, or other materials. 

It is so much easier and fast to install that you can install 300 sq. ft. in a weekend all by yourself. It is easier to install because the planks are designed to fit together perfectly and it is constructed to be soft and can be cut with a hand saw or even a utility knife. 

It is easy to clean and you can use vacuum, broom or a damp mop! And it doesn’t require waxing. However, excessive water can get in between the planks that can cause swelling. It can be installed in semi-moist areas and other places where you encounter topical moisture as long as the planks are installed tightly together. 

You may not need any flooring services but in case of things getting messy, don’t hesitate to call Gold Choice Restoration at (214)989-7132. We would love to fix and finish the work for you in the best way as possible! 

Marble Flooring 

Want an exquisite look on your home? Marble flooring is perfect for you! Marble flooring extremely gives a luxury and royalty aesthetic to your interior design. It is considered one of the most elegant flooring that can no doubt increase your home value!  

It has a wide range of design and patterns and its appeal is everlasting and never gets out of trend. It can be polished if you want a smooth finish and have a luminous effect. It is awesome when pairing with a room that allows natural lighting for it glows and radiate when exposed to sunlight. And it is also good for hot rooms as it feels cold underfoot. 

It is extremely durable that it can withstand pressure and a sudden load of force. It is resistant to most of the damage and it is absolutely scratch free. Most importantly it has a high resistance to fire. 

However, marble can be very expensive and an enormous amount of waste can be generated when cutting. It can also get cold during winter that makes it hard to walk barefooted. It is composed, every piece is unique and if not properly installed it can look awkward. You will need a skilled worker to install marble flooring. 

Need help with installation? Just hit (214) 989-7132 and let Gold Choice Restoration Team do the job! Our highly trained team will make sure you will get the best service you’ll ever experience. 

Bamboo Flooring 

Even though bamboo flooring is made from a type of grass it has many properties of hardwood flooring but cheaper. 

It is an eco-friendly and renewable resource as it is made out of a grass that grows and matures in about three to five years. It is easy to maintain for you can use sweep or vacuum for cleaning. It is also more water resistant than hardwood is. 

A natural and eco-friendly product is currently a trend in the construction industry and interior design currently. Bamboo flooring is made naturally from a type of glass which is an eye catcher for environmentally conscious people. 

It may be discolored and scratched during over time but it can be refinished just by sanding and reapplying coats. There is currently no grading system as of how to classify bamboo planks so you will need someone with knowledge when buying this material. Gold Choice Restoration Team is ready for your call, (214)989-7132 is our contact number, we are waiting for your call! 

With this information, not all people know how to choose the perfect flooring for each part of their home and how to install it correctly. These people will need a good flooring company that will give them the highest quality of materials and work. Gold Choice Restoration is what you’re looking for if you need excellent flooring services! 

Gold Choice Restoration Team is composed of a highly trained and skilled people that are ready to comply to any of your need! Or you can contact us at (214)989-7132. 

We will assure you that we will give you the service that you deserve and promise that your money will not go to waste!