Looking for a Roofing Replacement?

Looking for a Roofing Replacement?

Some people give small thoughts about the roof, they only tend to care if there’s already a visible and unbearable problem. What we want you to know is that having a healthy and maintained roof not only give you comfort but also save you thousands. 

There could be hidden damage if you do not conduct a regular roof maintenance. A small leak when not treated immediately could cause larger damage like causing your beams to rot. And these could promote mold growth that can add up to the cost of repair. 

A properly insulated roof can save you from the heating and cooling cost. If your roof is not properly ventilated, humidity can rot your wood rafters. It also increases your home value. From beautiful materials to energy-efficient roof is what many of the home buyers keep an eye on. 

Most especially, having a good roof can save and protect you during bad weather conditions or disaster. So, whenever you need help checking your roof or fixing the damage, just call Gold Choice Restoration Team for help at (214)989-7132. We will make sure to satisfy you with our work and give you the comfort that you deserve! So, keep us in mind, whenever you need a roofing service. 

Types of Roofing Materials 

Solar Tiles

Solar tiles can collect up to 1-kilowatt energy per 100 square feet. They are perfect for locations that have a sunny weather. These solar tiles are extremely strong and durable than the regular solar panels that you can actually walk on them. 

At least 30% of your total roof area can a solar tile be installed. It can cost you much but it’s definitely worth it! 

 If you need roofing service, just hit (214)989-7132 and call Gold Choice Restoration for help. 

Asphalt Shingles 

If you are looking for durable but inexpensive roofing, asphalt shingles are the most popular today. It can last about 20-50 years depending on the climate and maintenance. 

 It is easy to install and can complement a wide range of temperature and it is reliable when it comes to waterproofing. 


Metal Roofing 

A metal roof is one of the coolest when it comes to temperature and style! 

It is environment-friendly for it can be recycled. It can be made from copper, aluminum, or stainless steel which can be recycled after use. It offers high insulation from solar reflectance and is durable that it can last longer than wood and asphalt.  

Aside from a long lifespan, it is much lighter and highly resistive to adverse weather. It can resist high winds and shredding snow. Since it is made of metal, it is highly resistant to fire, mold, mildew, insects, and rot. 

Metal roofing is very green due to high energy-efficiency and being environmentally friendly.


Slate Tile Roofing 

Slate gives a sophisticated look to your home. 

Slate has many advantages, this includes its natural aesthetics, resistance to fire, doesn’t rot, easy to maintain and could last for a hundred years. However, slate tiles can be heavy and can cost you much. It can also get broken easily underfoot that makes it hard to clean gutters and maintain. 


Flat Roof 

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer or EPDM is the most common and recommended material for a flat roof. 

This is made from recycled rubber materials that make it environmentally friendly. It helps insulate the roof and attic and cuts down expenses in cooling and heating. 

EPDM is waterproof and have the capacity to encase your whole roof. Repairs and maintenance are easy and inexpensive that it can save you thousands. 

It can last for almost 50 years and can hold against the wind, water, and fire. It never cracks and gets brittle. The roof won’t need reinforcement because it is very light and leaks will be a rare problem.  

Though it will be easy to repair or maintain, you will need a professional to install the roof properly.


Green Roof 

For people who want to ‘go green’ green roof is the common call. Any eco-friendly roof can be called green. Usually, green roofs have vegetation and plants, possibly a garden. The green cover may be of herbs, grass, drought-resistant plants, flowers and even vegetables. 

Green roof act as natural insulation, it keeps out heat during summers and keeps heat inside the house during winters. As a result, you will save cost on heating and cooling. 

Rooms underneath the roof become more comfortable during extreme weather conditions due to the insulation. The surrounding can get noisy especially near the downtown area. No other roofing material can seal off much noise than green roofing. It doesn’t only absorb noise but it can make your property soundproof. 

Green roofs provide fresher and richer oxygen and you will most likely to inhale pollutant.  

However, a green roof is harder to maintain and install than any other type of roof and it can cost you more. It takes a tedious effort to maintain a green roof just like maintaining a garden. Also, you would definitely need to hire skilled and professional people for installation. 
To select which roofing materials you should install in your house, first is that you need to narrow down the choices to what can be available in your location. 

Durability, expected lifetime, budget, sustainability, required maintenance, and targeted aesthetics. Take note of these factors you should consider when building up your list or you can just directly call us and we’ll give you the best options. Do you have any more questions? Let us know in the comment section.