Why Does Flood Occur During the Summer and How Can it Affect Your Home?

Why Does Flood Occur During the Summer and How Can it Affect Your Home?

There is a reason why the risk of flash flooding increases during the peak of summer. So even in the summer you also need to be careful and be prepared for a flood. It would also be a good idea to keep a contact number of a restoration company that can deal with water damage restoration and water remediation which will aid in restoring your home after a flood. 


Why Does Flood Occur in the Summer? 

    Flooding can happen due to prolonged rainfall over several days, heavy rainfall on a short period of time, or melting snow that combines with rain in the winter and early spring. 

    When the sun is shining brighter and hotter during summer, it causes more water and moisture to evaporate than the other seasons. Due to this, there is a high risk of intense rain during the peak of Summer or toward the end that is more likely to cause a flood. 

   In the summer there are lighter steering winds aloft which result into thunderstorms, which can cause a cluster of storms to move slower. As the movement of the storm become slower, the greater the possibility of prolonged rain. 

    By summer, high pressure in the upper level usually sets on the upper level. Slow moving storms can flare up. Due to the slow movement of these storms that could damp the upper terrains causing flash floods to happen. 

    It is always better to be prepared than to regret it later. Keep yourself and your family from any harm. Also, remember to call your insurance company after the flood and the best restoration company in town to deal with water damage restoration! Gold Choice Restoration hotline is (214)989-7132 visit our website at www.goldchoicerestoration.com to know more about us and the services we offer! 

How Does Flood Damage Affect Your Home and Which Parts Can You Save? 

    After a flood, most people look for what can be saved. But the best option is to call for help from a professional. Gold Choice Restoration Team can help you with water damage restoration. Just call us at (214)989-7132 and will send our professional and well-trained team to save your belongings preventing further damage. 


   What does flooding do to your home? Is it safe to do it your own? 

  • In some areas of Texas, where the soil is mostly composed of clay and houses are built on a concrete slab, there is a higher risk of serious damage to the foundation. When clay in the soil gets saturated, it expands unevenly and some parts lift which causes cracks on the floor slab.  

  • Embedded pipes can get ruptured and cracks on the walls can appear as well. 


  • It is advised not to enter the house before the assessment of a professional. Moving water can erode the soil under the slab and it can become poorly insecure. 

  • If doors and windows won’t open or close, it can be a sign that your home’s foundation is damaged. Door and window frames can be distorted due to the shifting of the house. 

  • As we all know, water causes regular drywall to get weak. Moisture or water is likely to trigger mold to grow and spread. The wall may look dry but the wall and ceilings that got in contact with water might be wet inside. It needs to be opened and checked so it can be cleaned and dried to prevent mold. 

  • Most of the insulation that is used in homes is made up of water absorbent materials such as foams and fibers. Once these materials get to soak in water it needs to be replaced or dried. 

  • Homes are mostly framed with wood lumber that can withstand a flood. It can swell once it is soaked with water, but you won’t need to worry since it will get back to its original shape. But it needs to be dried quickly to prevent mold to grow. 

  • Switches and outlets would need replacement, it is best to get a knowledgeable person to check on your electrical system in your home. Gold Choice Restoration have skilled and well-trained professionals that will make sure that your home is safe and comfortable to live in after a flood. You can call us at (214)989-7132. 

  • Home appliances will need a thorough inspection before using. Most of them will require a fix and to be dried out. 


  • Most of the furniture, mattresses, and drapes will be tossed, but Gold Choice Restoration will strive to save even the most water damage belongings, because we believe that each item small or big is worth saving! 


     However, you can still save most of your belongings if you just act fast! In case of an emergency always remember that you can always call Gold Choice Restoration! Our hotline is (214)989-7132 and you can visit our website at www.golchoicerestoration.com 


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    Keep in mind to never let such a challenge in life to keep you down, stand up and move! There is always a better day tomorrow! Gold Choice Restoration Team is cheering for you!