Common reasons why the roof is leaking?

Common reasons why the roof is leaking?

There might be more reasons to why your roof is leaking. Here are some of the common reason why your roof is leaking.

Age: As the time goes, roofing materials deteriorate and become less effective in keeping the water out of your home.
Roof Vents: Vents can get cracked after some time, especially those that are made from plastic. It is important to make sure that everything is sealed properly so water won’t go in.
Slope: Make sure that the roof is not too shallow. A shallow roof can be lifted by wind causing the water to penetrate.
Debris: Keep the roof clean and clear from twigs, leaves, or anything that may get stuck to make sure that water drains out of the roof quickly.
Flashing: Flashing sections can get out of place that may cause cracks that will let water to come in.
Ridge Cap: Using ropes or harness systems while not protecting the ridge cap can create holes in it.
Gutter: If the gutter is clogged with water will soak through.
Holes: Holes in the roof can cause a leak as well.

If you need help fixing this causes or you need help with determining the cause of the leak in your roof just hit (214)989-7132. Gold Choice Restoration will keep your property from further damage and lessen the possible repair cost!

How to maintain your roof?

The cost of repair and reconstruction might be expensive to most so here are some tips on how to keep your roof well maintained and healthy.

  •   If you have shingle roofing, it is better to have a regular check for missing or damaged shingles. It is also advisable to keep your roof clean to avoid moss, algae, and fungal growth that can make the roof weak.
  •   If you find some missing shingle, it is advisable to act fast! It is best if hire a professional for repair. Call Gold Choice Restoration at (214)989-7132, our team will make sure that you get the best quality of work!
  •     Check roof sealant as often as you can to make sure that there is no crack or damage. If there is, completely remove the old one and replace a new sealant in each area.
  •     Trim branches that are growing close to or above your roof. This will cause the leaves and twigs to fall over the roof causing water to accumulate.
  • Check your roof for rust. If you notice rust starting to appear in your roof it is important to immediately remove the rust to avoid the spread. It is also advisable to paint the affected area for a cure. 
  • If you found a larger area of rust or you can handle them, just call Gold Choice Restoration. And we will act fast and do the best remedy for your rust problem!
  • Make sure that your gutters are always clean, a clogged gutter can cause water to accumulate.
  • Once found a moss in your roof, clean and remove them to keep your roof healthy.
  • Keep an eye of your attic.
  • Check your chimney for cracks and missing mortar and ensure to fix it as soon as possible.

It is better to keep your roof well maintained than to suffer more from a large damage. You can always reach out to us, Gold Choice Restoration, for help. Hit (214989-7132 NOW!

When to get a new roof?

A solid and good roof is crucial if you want a warm, cozy, relaxing, and leak-free home. Here are some reasons why you should get a new roof.

Curling Shingles: An asphalt shingle can last for 20 to 30 years. After a long time shingles can start curling. If they are curling way too far, it is time to get a new roof.

Cracked Shingles: If you notice a large area of cracks it is advisable to have a new roof to prevent damage to your belongings and hassle in your day to day work especially during rainy season.

Moss or Algae: Moss and algae can take over your whole roof. Most of the people are distraught with this aesthetics and choose to get a new roof.

Sunlight Penetrates Inside:  You know to yourself that this is not a good sign. If light can go in the rain and cold air can get in as well. If the damage is way too severe it is better to get a new roof.

Entire Roof Sagging: You should now panic! This is not a small issue to pass by. Sagging roof means that there is a structural issue that may not cause loss of belonging but also harm you and your family.

Summer: If you are getting tired with always fixing your roof or you just want a new or remodeled roof Summer is the best time for it! It is the busiest season for roofing companies. What are you waiting for? Call Gold Choice

If you delay replacing your roof, a bigger damage may happen and the timing could get wrong. So it is best to watch out for these reasons to ensure your comfort. A roof can naturally serve its lifetime without causing any problem if the materials are chosen and installed correctly.

If you want your roof to reach its lifetime call Gold Choice Restoration to fix or reconstruct your new roof! We will make sure to choose the best quality of materials and that are well trained and professional team will ensure you that your new roof will reach its full potential in its lifetime.